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Exploring Ways to Use Solar Energy

Step outside on a hot, sunny day, and you'll experience the power of the sun's heat and the light. That's solar energy.

You can use solar energy to do the following:

  • Heat your home through passive solar design or an active solar heating system

  • Generate your own electricity

  • Heat water in your home or swimming pool

  • Light your home both indoors and outdoors

  • Dry your clothes. Use a clothesline to reduce the energy consumed by your clothes dryer.

To enable your use of solar energy for these purposes, your community may have established solar access planning guidelines and/or ordinances.


  • SCHOTT POLY modules are ideally suited for small residential installations as well as large commercial and utility applications with the following key advantages:

  •     Available in 5 output classes: 220, 225, 230, 235, and 240 watts
    • Industry leading linear power warranty
    • Narrow output tolerance with positive tolerance only (-0 watts/+5 watts)
    • Excellent long-term reliability based on testing to twice the certification standards
    • Suitable for high snow and wind loads - tested to 5400 Pascals (113 lbs./sq. ft.)
    • Available in 5 output classes: 220, 225, 230, 235, and 240 watts


    Modules manufactured in our Albuquerque, NM facility qualify as:


    • Domestic end product under the Buy American Act (BAA)
    • U.S. made end product under the Trade Agreement Act (TAA)
    • Domestic manufactured product under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

    UNIVERSAL TRACK RACK™ Passive Solar Tracker for Photovoltaic Modules

    Incorporating over two decades of experience with tracker design and more than three decades of innovation of new products, Zomeworks has introduced the F-Series Track Rack™ Passive Solar Tracker to our line of UTR Universal Trackers. This tracker is our most popular design. It features an integral early morning rapid return system, is shipped partially assembled, is easy to install, and is module specific.

    Simplicity and Elegance
    The sun's heat moves liquid from side to side, allowing gravity to turn the Track Rack™ and follow the sun – no motors, no gears and no controls to fail.


               UTR-020     UTRK-040       UTRF-064

               $819.00      $1,668.00       $2,208.00

               UTRF-090   UTRF-120       UTRF-168-2

               $2,496.00   $2,820.00      $4,182.00

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