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Electricity is a great educational aid for the topic of science. The Workbook has 25 experiments and 25 challenges, for a total of 50 activities! Includes a Glossary. It helps to know the lingo!

Provides an enthusiastic introduction that makes the subject approachable. We mentioned the cool case already, right? What about the 20 page Flipchart of fun facts? Don't forget that!

This all-inclusive educational kit provides an exciting and creative introduction to the fascinating world of Electricity. This cool package features a 56-page book filled with 50 different experiments and a glossary of scientific terms, a 20-page flip chart of fun facts and information, and a variety of dynamic components to complete each activity. The Real Science series has been designed to provide a hands-on approach for children and includes easy, step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations and diagrams. Topics children will learn about include types of electrical circuits, sources of electricity, solar and nuclear power, electromagnetism and much more.



Eco Dome Ecosystem Kit

Explore the complexities of the Earths interacting systems!


This kits award-winning panoramic, 4-tiered, variably enclosed Eco Dome contains all the elements essential to a thriving environment. Water, flora, fauna, soil, and air work together to sustain each other, providing essential lessons in environmentalism, sustainability, conservation, and weather.

With the effects of Global Warming increasingly evident, our Eco System illustrates how changing climates adversely affect plant and animal life because animal habitats can be ported to the Eco System via the side panels. Gauging the world within the Eco System is easy thanks to built-in thermometers, air movement indicators, growth meters, and water meters.

Ages 8 and up.