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Live A Green Dream ? Eco Housing

Eco housing may seem like a new term to many individuals; however, you may have heard it called by environmentally sound housing, green development, environmentally friendly homes, or sustainable designs. It is known by many different names. The objective of this environmentally sound design in housing attempts to use materials that offer a healthy green living environment that does not cause any type of harmful impacts to the environment, while making the most of the materials used for building the dwelling, improving the quality of indoor air and allowing as much possible natural lighting.

In addition, an eco home is usually built with the goals of reducing pollutions, minimizing environmental waste, and diminishing negative impacts on human health.
Eco homes fall within the broader categories of sustainable architecture or green building. They are also often referred to as green homes or eco-houses.
Eco homes are  designed with high-quality materials that are made to last for a long period of time.

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fight climate change, and help protect your health.

ON LINE ECO HOMES is proud to introduce many new

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to save you money while at the same time saving the environment. With some of the finest green eco products available in the market today, truly offering the next generation of living.

Eco Friendly Building Materials

Recycled materials are very popular when building such a home or office. They may be products that come from various sources such as recycled woods, tiles or bricks as well as other types of reusable materials. Renewable building materials come from sustainable sources that aid in maintaining future forests and woodlands that seem disappearing at too rapid a pace. Other environmentally friendly products used for building these homes or offices may include materials that do not include the use of toxic chemicals. These products may include various decorative items, paints, stains, glues, wood preservers as well as reusable glass, reclaimed stone and recycled rubber materials. Using such items make a substantial difference in the landfills and helps to reduce the impact of our carbon footprint in this world we live in.

Eco Friendly Low Impact Living

This type of housing takes into consideration the means of reducing any negative impact on the environment, on which they are constructed on as well as using energy efficient products. These may include the use of alternative sources of energy and energy conservation whenever possible, such as making use of natural lighting from the sun, solar energy and solar powered water heaters, eco friendly light bulbs, ecologically sound built furniture and automatic light switches that turn off after a certain amount of time. Other types of low impact living may include making the most of rainwater, wind turbines, organic gardening and the use of Energy Star electrical appliances. Eco housing considers the natural landscape of the location in which it is constructed in order not to interfere with the local plant and wildlife of the area.

Why Build And Live In Eco Housing?

There are as many reasons for living in such dwellings, as there are homeowners; however, here are some good reasons for doing so. You can save money on your heating and cooling bills, air quality is much cleaner because of lower toxicity in building materials, which can help reduce the symptoms of allergies, asthma and headaches as well as helping reduce the occurrence of cancers. Eco housing helps us to preserve many of resources that come from the earth, which is essential in this day and time. Another perk of owning eco housing are some of the tax credit incentives offered by state and federal governments for using natural resources rather than being most unfriendly to the world in which we live.

Solar/wind power homes are constructed from natural materials and designed to take every advantage of renewable energy sources, but primarily solar energy

and wind power Here you will discover the three different styles of solar homes, and some surprising green building materials you may not have imagined!

Styles of Solar/Wind Powered Homes

  • Conventional home ? this style of solar home would appear to be just like a traditional bungalow or ranch style home. The difference would be that it was constructed using ?green? or recycled materials and uses solar energy to power the home.

  • Rounded home ? this solar home style boasts at least one rounded feature within the design of the home; a dome, a round roof, or the entire floor plan could be ?round?.

  • Earth-sheltered home ? the better part of this home style is designed to be built partially or entirely into the earth, taking full advantage of the terrain and surrounding landscape. The location in which you face the house will enable you to take full advantage of solar energy. This style of solar home is unique in that you can naturally utilize the Earth?s temperature to regulate the heating and cooling of the house.

The good news is that there are professional builders now who specialize in sustainable house design and the building of solar power homes. They offer several solar energy house designs and materials with which to construct them in an eco-friendly manner.

Be sure to do your research on a ?green builder? just like you would any contractor, so you?re certain they truly understand the business and what you?re looking for in a solar home design.

New Frontiers in Sustainable eco House Design

Most people can imagine living in a home constructed from wood. However, can you imagine living in a home constructed with straw, bamboo, concrete, stone, or earth?

These are just some of the green home materials used today with the intention of taking advantage of natural, clean, and free solar energy.Home solar energy systems can perform the following function in a home:

  • Power a solar oven
  • Heat water for cooking and bathing
  • Heat a swimming pool
  • Cool a pantry/cold storage
  • Provide all electricity needed for a home
  • Heat and cool the entire home efficiently

What do you look for in a solar/wind home design?

Eco-friendly and efficient solar/wind power homes will use the right type of building materials strategically placed in all the right places inside and outside the home.

The home design will also seamlessly blend thermal dynamics with function, making the home not only green, but also comfortable and functional.

Yes, there are some solar power homes that would be categorized as extreme designs, but there are many traditional style homes built specifically to use solar/wind energy for some or all of its energy needs.

Keep in mind that just because a home is constructed to capture and utilize the sun?s rays, doesn't?t mean that it has to be tiny, odd-looking, or downright strange in its design?unless you want it to be!

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Where Can I Find Green Homes for Sale?

onlineecohomes make it easy

to find green eco homes for sale plus tips for knowing the difference between truly sustainable homes for sale and those which are only energy efficient.

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